Prepare for Labour & Childbirth Naturally with Confidence


Meet your baby well prepared by preparing for labour and childbirth with the utmost confidence. This course is delivered in a workshop format.

You are in the last stage of your pregnancy and it is almost time to meet your baby. You want to make sure you are really prepared but it is not just getting the baby clothes and the nappies, you should also prepare for labour and childbirth because it sets the tone for your first few weeks with your baby. A great childbirth experience sets the foundation for the early days of your family dynamics and relationships.

This programme will guide you to prepare for labour and childbirth labour with confidence and anticipation rather than fear. It will help you make sure that you are at your best emotionally, physically and mentally. It has been specially designed to support you for a natural labour & childbirth; but it will also help if you choose to use other childbirth options since it helps you to build your physical stamina and your confidence. You will learn gentle and strengthening exercises, relaxation techniques, natural pain management techniques and so on.

When you buy this programme, you will get immediate access to the videos, workbook and access to a private Facebook group where you can meet with other mums and mums-to-be and get expert natural fertility support.


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