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A little about what we do

The loss of a pregnancy is a deeply sad experience but when you find it difficult to conceive afterwards, it can be very heart wrenching and frustrating. Pregnancy loss can sometimes trigger or exacerbate hormonal imbalances making subsequent pregnancies more difficult.

Contrary to what many of us think, it is not always enough to eat a healthy diet and take supplements in order to achieve optimal hormonal balance. Hormonal balance is the result of a balanced body, mind and emotions and by extension a balanced person. Sadly, even medicines can also sometimes alter the body’s natural balance.

At Cherie Mamma, we do two things:

- We teach women how to achieve hormonal balance using gentle and effective natural strategies so that they can conceive and have successful pregnancies after pregnancy loss.

- We also carry out research to better understand pregnancy loss, its relationship with hormonal balance and how best to support women through who have experienced them.